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Tracing Your Ancestors in Ireland

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     Over recent years there has been a huge growth of interest in Irish Family History. Some have been inspired by stories handed down through the generations as well as old photographs, letters, diaries and memorabilia. Others may be from broken or scattered families who know little or next to nothing about their ancestors and are now hungry for new information that they can pass on to their children.


     Once bitten, it is best to start at home with your own parents and siblings, your grandparents, and any living relatives, and taking note of any information they can give you, but take care, as some of this will be conflicting and may be just fiction. By confirming this information such as births, marriages and deaths, you should be moving in the right direction and much is now searchable on-line, as well as in the libraries and archives. You may even meet some unknown distant relatives with further knowledge of your ancestors.

If you are having difficulty with your research, whether you are living in Ireland or abroad, I can help you.

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Some key websites -

This site includes a database of the 1901 and 1911 Census returns, including digitised images of the original documents for all parts of Ireland.

This is a government run site with a database of church records relating to many locations. To date, it just covers the counties of Dublin, Kerry, Carlow and Cork, but other counties will eventually be added.

This website is operated by the Library Council of Ireland and comprises a database of the Griffith’s Valuation, a mid 19th century property valuation survey, including maps.  and

This website is run by the Church of Jesus Christ L.D.S. and it contains a database of the Irish civil records index of births, marriages and deaths.

This website is run on behalf of the county genealogy centres, providing access to a free index of over 17 million church, civil, land, census and gravestone records for the majority of Irish counties. There is a fee to view the full details of any record.

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